Welcome to the EV Charging Monday Round-up. Reuters reported on April 15 that BP's focus will now be limited to four countries - the United States, Britain, Germany, and China - where it expects to see the largest growth. This news comes with the announcement that it has axed over 100 jobs in its EV charging division, or about 10% of its global workforce. These cuts were made in the eight countries from which it shifted its focus.

Illinois Environmental Protection Agency's John J. Kim announced plans to spend more than $25 million on new EV charging infrastructure. The money will be provided to 20 applicants and is set to fund 643 new direct fast charging ports at more than 141 locations throughout the state.

Livingston Energy Group, a Lynkwell company, added a fourth contractor to the list of firms eligible for its streamlined procurement process. Livingston is the only company based in New York that is part of the list. This opportunity makes the Livingston team eligible for more than $1 billion in funds from the New York State Government based on their pledge to have all cars be emission-free by 2035.

Interested in learning more about how you or your company can be part of the EV charging space and stay on top of everything? Cloverleaf AI monitors 1.5 million government meetings each year to provide our clients with 10 minutes of valuable information each day. Some interesting meetings include: Frank Hoare, Acting Head of the Thruway Authority, spoke in front of the New York Senate Committee on Transportation about his largest achievements during his tenure, including doubling the availability of EV chargers within 33 years. Kane County Commissioners in Illinois discussed the current state of chargers within their district, and the Half Moon Bay Council, in California, discussed adding 39 more EV chargers.

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