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Government Market Research Software

Construction Businesses

Cloverleaf AI is the only platform that monitors every word spoken in government meetings, to help construction businesses get involved in important conversations before an RFP is written.

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Thousands of government organizations are monitored daily including:

  • Federal Department of Transportation
  • Local Transit Authorities
  • County Transportation Authorities
  • State Department of Transportations
  • Railway Authorities
  • State Legislatures
  • Airport Board of Commissioners
  • City Councils
  • County Commissioners
  • Local Port Authorities
  • Metropolitan Transportation Committees
  • Joint Legislative Committees
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Get involved in the conversation the first time organizations discuss their needs so you can help influence the conversation.
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Capitalize on the opportunities others miss with visibility into millions of hours of meetings.
Track your competitors
Watch how your target competitors are
talked about during a government meetings in key areas for your business.
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Learn How We Can Help You Gain Visibility Into The Conversations That Lead to RFPs
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