What it's like working at Cloverleaf AI

At Cloverleaf AI we believe in three core tenants that drives the happiness of our people and the success of our company.

Autonomy: You will be given the space to accomplish the goals we set together in the way that makes sense to you. We do not micromanage.

Mastery: You will be given the tools you need to accomplish the goals we set together. We will not leave you on an island and make you call for a lifeboat.

Purpose: You will have a 'why' behind your work, but we don't prescribe your 'why'. It can align with our company purpose or be fit to your personal life goals.

We are a young company that is growing fast. We believe that health and family always come before work. We believe in setting goals and working together to accomplish them. If that sounds interesting to you, reach out below to find out how we can work together.

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Senior Software Engineer

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