Access to government meetings is a barrier to citizen engagement, government effectiveness, and public-private partnerships. We exist to take unstructured government content and meetings and turn it into actionable dashboards customized for your business.

Our Vision

Adam Zucker

Experience building and scaling technology teams

8 years as a full stack developer

WeWork, Urbint, Schrodinger

Adam Zucker, CTO Cloverleaf AI
Customize Your Campaigns

Monitor specific political actors, geographies, or organizations 24/7 to uncover the truth.

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Get Alerts Daily

With daily updates, your team can respond quickly when important information is found.

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Work Collaboratively

Get the team involved quickly and efficiently by sharing your findings with a single click.

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Our Advisory Network
Megan Savage - AdvisorKevin Paul - AdvisorLea Sulkala - AdvisorScott Kraege - Advisor