$3,250,000,000,000. That is how much money is distributed to private companies from the government every year, just at a local level. $2,000,000,000,000. That is the number local regulations cost private enterprise every year. Both of these numbers are only going up. The infrastructure bill is flooding money to local communities; Broadband expansion is the 21st century Tennessee Valley Authority; Climate Change is driving restrictions at all levels; Forever Chemicals are being regulated at granular level. That is just the tip of the iceberg.

These decisions are made at the over 1,400,000 hours of government meetings that take place every year at a local level. This makes it impossible for companies to have a grasp on the needs of the government or their citizens. Right now, companies have one of 4 options. 

  1. Attend Every Meeting
  2. Watch Every Meeting Online
  3. Pay someone else to do 1 or 2
  4. Miss the information

This information can be the difference between a banner quarter and missing your goals. 

I grew up going to government meetings. My father worked as the Finance Director in several cities. If he couldn’t find a babysitter, I would be in the back playing with my Tonka Trucks trying to not fall asleep. While I found the meetings boring, my father always drove home how important they were for me. Government matters at all levels. Public-Private Partnerships drive innovation and competition leads to the best result for citizens. Now if you don’t know the decision-maker at a government organization, your company will be late to an RFP written with a different vendor in mind.

Cloverleaf AI was born out of this problem. Access to government information is hidden behind a wall of obfuscation and disorganization. We set out to clean, organize, and deliver this information to companies and citizens alike. Most importantly, making it easy to use. This is how we do it:

  1. Ingest government meetings from local school boards to the federal government.
  2. Use Artificial Intelligence to transcribe the meetings
  3. Create a low-lift User Interface to enable search
  4. Store these searches and deliver bespoke results to our clients
  5. Track trends at scale to drive business decisions

While the description of a software product is nice, I prefer to talk about use cases:

You manage government affairs for a single state for a massive telecommunications company. Everyday new RFPs are written and awarded, public opinion endangers your products, and regulations change. In a single state you can be responsible for hundreds of hours of meetings every week. With Cloverleaf AI you can:

  1. Set a list of keywords you need monitor
  2. Receive targeted emails with just the clips you need
  3. Send the clip over to the team member who needs to know
  4. Stay ahead of the issued RFPs

This is just one example of how we can help. Imagine an asphalt company that has been a fixture of the community for 60 years running the risk of eminent domain because of odor; a massive ecommerce corporation identifying economic incentives or protecting against public upheaval; a political group doing oppositional research. The value of this data is endless. 

Our goal is to make government monitoring easier than a google search. No more relying on agendas, minutes, or news articles. No more burning hundreds of staff hours monitoring. Get just the information you need, delivered directly to you.


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