Open meeting laws, or sunshine laws, require governments to make their meetings accessible to the public. Historically this has meant that meetings are posted on agendas and held in town halls or other publically accessible buildings so people could attend them in person. With the advancement of technology and the increase in the adoption of video conferencing since the Covid 19 pandemic more of these meetings have been recorded and published. This has created an opportunity for more accessibility to these meetings. 

One problem that still exists is that these meetings are largely decentralized. There are a number of different sites that governments use to publish video recordings of their meetings. Use the list of resources below to help you track down the meetings you are looking for. 

Cloverleaf AI

Our unique product helps you not only find the meetings that your are interested in, but also cut through the hours of meeting videos to find the exact moments in them that matter to you. With hundreds of thousands of meetings ingested every week we can help save you time monitoring meetings at scale. 


Youtube is the largest video streaming site on the web which also makes it a popular choice for governments of all sizes to publish their videos. If you are looking for a specific city, county, or state government meeting you can often find it on Youtube. 


If you find yourself on a local government website in your search for meeting videos you will often be directed to Granicus to watch the video recordings. Granicus is a software company that specializes in providing video and website services to municipalities. Their site claims they service over 5,500 government organizations.


Much like Granicus, Swagit offers video hosting services to local governments. While they aren’t quite as robust in their coverage between the two there are a significant number of meetings available. 


Several local governments have turned to Facebook for a free and easy way to make their meeting videos more accessible to the public. Due to the nature of the site you can often find live streams of meetings offering a look into meetings that are in progress.

In today’s world where more and more government organizations are recording their meetings you can’t afford to ignore them. The insights and topics discussed in these meetings can make or break a business that deals in government contracts. 

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