Government affairs teams often have a unique set of challenges that come with the job. Researching and monitoring new pieces of legislation at the federal, state, and local level that can impact their business is not easy but with help from some of the tools below it's a lot more manageable.

Government meeting monitoring

Cloverleaf AI: Our unique platform lets you search through a database of millions of hours of government meeting videos to find the clips that matter the most to you. 

Pros - The simple interface provides you with just the information you need. You only ever pay to monitor the areas that matter to you and 

Cons - Unlike others on this list, this is a paid resource so there will be a cost to factor into using it.

Legislation tracking tools

LexisNexis Logo

LexisNexis: Complete legislative and regulatory intelligence solutions backed by the leading aggregator of data.

Pros - LexisNexis claims to have the most timely information providing you with updates as close to real-time as possible. 

Cons - The pricing structure can be restrictive. Be prepared to pay more as your usage increases. 

Quorum Logo

Quorum: Public affairs software that helps you map, track, change, and report on your policy landscape – all in one place.

Pros - Their database is extensive including agendas, minutes, and bills across all 50 states in the U.S.  

Cons - The information is restricted to primarily written material that often includes summaries of events that took place instead of a record of all relevant information for your business. 

Media Monitoring Tools

Meltwater Logo

Meltwater: Search through a comprehensive database of data collected from a variety of media outlets. 

Pros: Top-of-the-line reporting, email alerts, and breadth of coverage make Meltwater an industry leader in the media monitoring space.

Cons: The application is typically geared towards social media and TV monitoring. If you require special sources to be covered they may not be available. 

Google alerts logo

Google Alerts: This free resource from Google can send simple email alerts based on keyword mentions in text-based media sources. 

Pros: You can’t beat the price! This is a completely free resource. 

Cons: The data set is very limited with mostly newspapers and similar text-based media sources included. There is a variety of media being produced that won’t be monitored by this application. 


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