A California-based solar energy company has managed to stand out in the industry by being proactive and knowledgeable. In early 2022, a representative from the company was alerted through Cloverleaf AI’s Signal emails that the previous day there had been a discussion in a county commissioner’s meeting of a potential new solar energy project that had not yet been announced. This early discovery allowed them to pursue the opportunity before a formal RFP was released.

Taking note of the information presented at the meeting, the company immediately began networking and reaching out to those involved to learn more about the potential project. These conversations not only allowed them to gather more information so that they were ready as soon as the opportunity to bid was open, but they also helped them form relationships and use their expertise to help advise the project RFP. 

The company’s proposal was then spot on and early, as they knew that they had an exceptionally early lead. They had an impressive proposal, outlining a plan that matched the exact budget and requirements the county had outlined in the project ready to go as soon as the RFP was announced. 

The solar company was thrilled to win the RFP bid and immediately get to work on the project. It was only with Cloverleaf AI’s Signal email alerting a member of the team of an offhand mention of a new, not-yet-approved project that this company was able to get valuable information and stay well ahead of its competition.


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